Northeast Conference on British Studies

October 2-3, 1998

Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut


Friday, October 2


2:30-5:30: Registration, Rittenberg Lounge, Mather Hall


SESSION I: 3:30-5:30


Political Theory in Historical Context (Terrace Room A, Mather Hall)

Chair: Susan Amussen, The Union Institute

Jeffrey Collins, Harvard University, "Thomas Hobbes and the Cromwellian Church Revolution"

Michael Wasser, McGill University, "Coke and Wariston: A Comparative Look at the English and Scottish Constitutions in the Early 17th Century"

Earle Havens, Yale University, "Remapping John Locke and Religious Toleration in Early Modern Europe"

Comment: Burke Griggs, Boston College


Ethnicity and Empire on the Maritime Frontier (Terrace Room B, Mather Hall)

Chair: Peter Weiler, Boston College

G. F. Lorentz, University of Toronto, "'A True Character of the Natives': Seafarer's Observations of 'Other' Peoples, 1650-1800"

Isaac Land, University of Michigan, "'For he is an Englishman': Foreign Seamen and Cultural Politics in Britain, 1780-1820"

Mary Conley, Boston College, "Sentinels of Empire: Images of Naval Seamen in Popular Culture in Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain"

Comment: Susan Pennybacker, Trinity College


Benefactors & Beneficiaries of Late-Victorian Philanthropy (Terrace Room C, Mather Hall)

Chair: Deborah Valenze, Barnard College

Vincent Petronella, University of Massachusetts (Boston), "George Bernard Shaw's View of the Philanthropist-Recipient Relationship"

Jillian Strang, Bentley College, "Reclaim London: Salvation Army Rescue Missions, 1865-1895"

Susan Tananbaum, Bowdoin College, "'Unfriended and Most Deserving': Sectarian Care of Orphans in the Late Victorian Period"

Comment: James Cronin, Boston College


5:45-6:30 Reception with Cash Bar, Faculty Club, Hamlin Hall


6:30 Dinner, Hamlin Hall


8:30 Plenary Address: Deborah Valenze, Barnard College

"The Genealogy of Morals in Eighteenth-Century Britain"


Saturday, October 3


8:00-9:30 Registration (Coffee and Danish), Rittenberg Lounge, Mather Hall

8:30 am: Shuttle Bus departs the hotel for Trinity College


SESSION II: 9:30-11:30

Religion, Commerce, and Society Before the Civil War (Terrace Room A, Mather Hall)

Chair: Mark Kishlansky, Harvard University

Elizabeth Van Beek, San José State University, "'The Steward of the Kingdom's Stock': Theophilus Eaton and the Eastland Company"

Gary Sandling, Yale University, "The Social Status and Social Relations of the Gloucestershire Clergy in the Early Stuart Period"

Kenneth Campbell, Monmouth University, "Obey the Truth in Love: English Separatists and the Concept of Religious Truth"

Comment: Lori Anne Ferrell, Claremont Graduate University


Property, Poverty, and the Constitution in 18th Century Britain (Terrace Room B)

Chair: David Underdown, Yale University

Kristen Robinson, University of Kentucky, "Defending 'Our Happy Constitution in Church and State': Politics and Religion in the '45"

John Ramsbottom, Truman State University, "Women on Their Own: Women and Poor Relief in Hanoverian Westminster"

Geoffrey Clark, Emory University, "Commercial Property, Abolitionism, and the Ownership of Human Life in 18th Century Britain"

Comment: David Underdown, Yale University


Race, Empire, and Sexuality (Terrace Room C, Mather Hall)

Chair: Peter Hansen, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Lara Fraser, Brandeis University, "The Natural Way: Heterosexuality and the Middle Classes in Interwar Britain"

Patrick McDevitt, Rutgers University, "The Bodyline Controversy and the Instability of Imperial Manhood"

Dolly Smith Wilson, Boston College, "The Specter of Colonial Sexuality: Race and Gender in the British Immigration Dilemma"

Comment: Chris Waters, Williams College


Ireland in the Age of O'Connell (Alumni Lounge)

Chair: Paul Canning, University of Connecticut

Paul Townend, University of Chicago, "Father Matthew, Irish Temperance, and Irish Identity, 1838-1847"

Karen S. Tipper, Nichols College, "Jane Wilde's Contribution to the Repeal Movement and the Irish Revolution of 1848"

Bruce Kinzer, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, "J.S. Mill and Ireland in the Age of O'Connell"

Comment: Robert Scally, New York University


12:00-1:30 Lunch, Washington Room, Mather Hall


SESSION III: 1:30-3:30


England and Europe in the 17th Century (Terrace Room A, Mather Hall)

Chair: Carl Estabrook, Dartmouth College

Brennan Pursell, Harvard University, "Spain, England, and the Palatinate, 1620-21"

Robert v. Friedeburg, University of St. Andrews, "The Clash of Political Cultures in Presbyterian Political Theory: The Reception of Besold, Althusius and Voet in Mid-17th Century England and Scotland"

Martine van Ittersum, Harvard University, "Anglo-Dutch Relations in the 17th Century"

Comment: Malcolm Smuts, University of Massachusetts (Boston)


The First World War and the Construction of Memory (Terrace Room B)

Chair: Frank Turner, Yale University

Terri Hasseler, Bryant College, "The Battlefields at Miani: British Memsahibs' Responses to World War I"

Jeffrey Reznick, Emory University, "'So Comes the Sacred Work': Great Britain and the Inter-Allied Conferences on the After Care of Disabled Men, 1917-1918"

Janet Watson, University of Connecticut, "Rewriting and Memory: Continuity and Change in Writings on the First World War"

Comment: Fred Leventhal, Boston University


Creating Social Order in Victorian and Edwardian Britain (Terrace Room C)

Chair: Harriet Ritvo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stephen Keck, College of Charleston, "From 'Daily Life' to Victorianism: Domesticating Social Change in Mid-Victorian Britain"

Anne Baltz Rodrick, University of Texas, "The Franchise of Culture: Citizenship and Self-Improvement in Victorian Birmingham"

Barry Doyle, University of Teesside, "Mapping Slums in an Historic City: Discourses of Health and Housing in Edwardian Norwich"

Comment: Paul Deslandes, Sweet Briar College


Difference and Desire: Racial Frontiers and Paths to Englishness (Alumni Lounge)

Chair: Joyce Berkman, University of Massachusetts

Alison S. Fletcher, Johns Hopkins University, "'With My Precious Salvation and My Umbrella': Evangelical Missionaries and Christian Converts from Madagascar and Africa in England, 1835-1845"

Benjamin J. Lammers, Cedar Crest College, "'A Superior Kind of English': East End Jews and Alternative Visions of Englishness, 1918-1939"

Tammy M. Proctor, Wittenberg University, "A 'Sense of Human Brotherhood': Internationalism, Cultural Imperialism and the Boy Scout Jamboree, 1929-1939"

Comment: Patrick McDevitt, Rutgers University 

3:30-4:00 End of Conference: Coffee and Cookies, Rittenberg Lounge, Mather Hall

 4:30 pm: Shuttle Bus departs Trinity for the hotel


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