North East Conference of British Studies

September 26-27, 1997

Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire

Friday, September 26

4:00 - 6:00: Registration, Collis Center

5:15- 6:15: A Jacobean Evensong Performance with audience discussion
The White Church, 40 North College Street, Hanover
Director of Music: Ernest A. Drown, Moderators: Carl B. Estabrook, Dartmouth College, Andrew Walkling, Dartmouth College

6:30 Dinner, Tindle Lounge, Thayer Hall

8:00 Plenary Address: "Understanding Popular Politics in Restoration Britain," Professor Tim Harris, Brown University

Saturday, September 27

8:00 Shuttle Bus departs from Radisson Inn, Airport Economy Inn, and Holiday Inn, ($1.25 per person on boarding)

8:30-9:00 Registration, Collis Center

8:30-900 Continental Breakfast, Hanover Inn

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SESSION I: 9:00 to 10:30

Tradition and Commemoration in London, c. 1500-1640 Collis 101
Chair: Robert Tittler, Concordia University
Joseph Ward, Wayne State University, "Commemoration and Community in the Trade Guilds of Elizabethan and Stuart London"
Vanessa Harding, Birkbeck College, London University, "Tradition and Innovation, Funerals and Burial Practice in Reformation London"
Anne Lancashire, University of Toronto, "Patterns of London Civic Theatre, 1400-1558"
Comment: R. Malcolm Smuts, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Women and Aging in Early Modern England Collis Common Ground
Chair: Margaret Hunt, Amherst College
Susannah Ottoway, Brown University, "When was a Woman 'Old' in Eighteenth Century England"
Katharine Kittredge, Ithaca College, "Images of Old Women in Eighteenth Century Literature"
Ingrid Tague, University of Denver, "Elite Women and the Experience of Aging in Early Modern England"
Comment: Lynn Botelho, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Identities, Perceptions and Politics in the Irish Diaspora from the 18th to the 20th Centuries Sanborn 104 (Wren Room)
Chair: Elizabeth Elbourne, McGill University
Peter Cosgrove, Dartmouth College, "Images of the Irish in Eighteenth Century English Fiction"
Raymond Douglas, Colgate University, "Anglo-Saxons and Attacotti: The Racialisation of Irishness in Interwar Britain"
Bruce Nelson, Dartmouth College, "Diasporas in Conflict: Irish and Black Longshoremen in New York Harbor, and the 'Strike for Ireland' of 1920"
Comment: The Audience

Politics and Policy in Twentieth Century Britain Hayward Lounge, Hanover Inn
Chair: Christopher M. Waters, Williams College
Andrew Muldoon, Washington University, "Confident and Complacent Tories? The Conservative Party and the Definition of 'Dominion Status', 1926-1935"
Ian Holliday, New York University, "The Conservatives and the Constitution: Where Now?"
Peter Weiler, Boston College, "Controlling Capitalism: The Making of the Rent Act of 1965"
Comment: Fred Leventhal, Boston University

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SESSION II: 10:45 to 12:15

Challenges to an Ordered Society: Crises in Social Relations in Early Modern England Hayward Lounge, Hanover Inn
Chair: Paul A. Fideler, Lesley College
Laura Deal, University of Colorado, "Whores and Knaves: Gender and Defamation in the Diocese of Chester, 1560-1650"
Vincent V. White-Patarino, University of Colorado, "Living Outside the Ordered Society: discipline, violence, and the Shipboard Culture of English Sailors, 1550-1688"
Stephen C. Charney, Michigan State University, "Paupers, Puritans, and the Poor Law: Somerset, 1625-1660"
Comment: Susan Dwyer Amussen, The Union Institute

Religious Minorities in Early Modern Britain Collis Common Ground
Chair: Tim Harris, Brown University
Greg Bak, Dalhousie University, "Imagining Islam: The Roles of Islam in Early Modern English Culture, 1558-1625"
Richard Greaves, Florida State University, "Anthony Sharp and the Irish Quaker Community"
Scott A. Gunn, Brown University, "'Bleeding Hearts and weeping eyes': Varieties of Anti-Popery in Cultural Discourse, c. 1678"
Comment: Lori Ann Ferrell, Claremont Graduate School

The Napoleonic Wars and English Society Collis 101
Chair: Paul Ziegler, Assumption College
Patricia Y.C.E. Lin, University of California, Berkeley, "From Inability to Work to Service to the Nation: Gender, Military Families, and the Creation of a New Definition of "Deserving Poor" c. 1800"
Catherine A. Lawrence, Yale University, "Jack Tar and John Bull Write Histories: Working -class Autobiographies from the Napoleonic Wars"
Stuart Semmel, Harvard University, "'A Mere Trick': Radical Anti-Jubilee Sentiment in 1809"
Comment: Brian Lewis, McGill University

Culture and Nation in Post-War Britain Sanborn 104 (Wren Room)
Chair: Julie Ann Taddeo, Temple University
Jennifer Way, University of Texas, Austin, "The Independent Group: topographers of 'the land of plenty' and 'aesthetic scarcity' in the Fifties"
Susan Harrington, University of Maryland Eastern Shore "The English Patient as Repudiation of Englishness"
James Miracky, College of the Holy Cross, "Hope Lost or Hyped Lust? Representations of 1980s Britain in Margaret Drabble's The Radiant Way and Martin Amis's Money"
Comment: Jonathan Crewe, Dartmouth College

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12:30 - 1:45 LUNCH Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center, Business Meeting of the Northeast Conference on British Studies

SESSION III 2:00 to 3:30

Early Modern England and the Continent: Religion, Witchcraft and the Question of National Identity Collis 101
Chair: David Underdown, Yale University
Kenneth L. Campbell, Monmouth University, "Internationalism and English Religion, 1605-30"
Cynthia A. Gladstone, University of Texas, "The Shaping of a Demonology: Continental and Native Witch Beliefs in Early Modern England"
Sharon L. Arnoult, Southwest Texas State University, "The Face of An English Church: The Book of Common Prayer and English National Identity"
Comment: Peter Lake, Princeton University

Peripheries and Center in the Making of 17th and 18th Century Politics Sanborn 104 (Wren Room)
Chair: Joyce Malcolm, Bentley College
Paul Halliday, Union College, "Building the State from the Outside In: The People and their Law in 17th Century England"
Susan Lindsey Lively, Harvard University, "Patronage and Empire: Colonial Americans and the Quest for Preferment"
Eliga Gould, University of New Hampshire, "A Virtual Nation? British Politics and the Patriotic Case for Taxing the American Colonists"
Comment: Thomas Cogswell, University of Kentucky

Aspects of Philanthropy in Victorian and Edwardian Britain Hayward Lounge, Hanover Inn
Chair: Professor Richard Helmstadter, University of Toronto
Matthew Hendley, University of Toronto, "Forces of Continuity During the Deluge: Philanthropy and Patriotism in Great Britain During the First World War"
Andrea Smith, University of Toronto, "Late Nineteenth Century Anxiety about Elderly Pauperism and Philanthropy for the Public Aged in London Workhouses, 1880-1914"
Pamela MacIsaac, McMaster University, "State Benefits, Philanthropy, and British Servicemen's Dependents during the Great War"
Comment: Deborah Gorham, Carleton University

The Whimper of the British Lion: Economic, Moral and Strategic Limitations of British Foreign Policy, 1945-1967 Collis Common Ground
Chair: Stephen Brooke, Dalhousie University
Jeffrey Richter, Harvard University, "Exporting the English Police System to Occupied Germany"
Hubert Zimmerman, European University Institute, "Sterling and Security: The Political Economy of British Troop Costs in Germany"
Jeremy Fielding, Yale University, "The Economic and Strategic Implications of the 1966 Defence Reviews"
Comment: Stephen Brooke

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3:30 Special Lecture Collis Common Ground
Chair: Pamela Crossley, Dartmouth College
Helen Siu, Yale University, "Culture, History and National Identity: Hong Kong 1997."
Sponsored by The Rockefeller Center and The Dickey Center, Dartmouth College

Meals: Conferees who plan to attend Friday dinner or Saturday lunch should pay for them when they register for the conference. Vegetarian entrees will be available if you ask for them when you register.

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